Just came back from our 9th annual Zumba/Yoga Health and Wellness retreat in the Mayan Riviera. I’m feeling overjoyed that it went so well and all the ladies had a fabulous time. We had an outstanding week. It was packed with so many classes with lots of options for everyone, every fitness level, shape and size can have something to enjoy and take part in. The daily toning classes, zumba classes, yoga, classes, Aqua Zumba parties in the pool, late afternoon classes continue to ignite our energy and keep us feeling fabulous. The ladies love to take part in all of the resort activities, such as foam parties, pink parties, salsa and dance pool parties, evening theatre. The food again was outstanding and lots of delicious varieties. Every year we add some other workshops such as: Injury Prevention, finding balance in your busy life, photo editing, healthy food snack making….Its hard to believe that we are organizing our 10th annual health and wellness retreat and starting to promote this new adult only resort!!!Are you thinking of coming on the next Health and Wellness retreat? Think no more… see below some reasons that you should jump right into it!!!

Every day we have to choose what we do with our time and energy. We decide on how to prioritize our commitments. But are you doing what you love? In order to discover your passion and find your purpose, you need to have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. To awaken your sense of self and what you enjoy, it is important that you make the time to do some soul-searching. This will help you blossom emotionally, socially and mentally to get a better understanding of who you are! Often, this requires you to remove yourself from your routine and your familiar everyday environment. A good way to do this is daily exercise or yoga classes, or even simply finding a quiet, open space to reflect and ask yourself how you can add spark and more happiness to your life.Finding solitude is so important. It creates a space for us to reflect on our needs and is an opportunity for us to replenish our mindsIt’s a great experience to get an escape!!! Booking a Health & Wellness retreat is a safe way to explore and meet amazing people! Our Health and Wellness Fitness and Yoga retreats come together for a week of pure bliss that has a week packed with activities so you can holiday your way! Exercise is also a great outlet for stress as it helps you focus on your breath, keeps you mobile, and gets your heart rate up without putting too much extra stress on your body and joints. A week long Health & Wellness retreat , where you can take long walks on the beach, get daily spa treatments, go swimming, focus on yourself and learn Zumba & Yoga is the perfect way to help you ignite your energy and your soul. As well as being extremely beneficial to your health and happiness, a holiday like this can lead you to experience life in a new way, which you can then implement when you return home!

Making Beautiful Women Friendships: This kind of group bonding allows us to cry and laugh without being judged. To talk about the frustrations and elations of the soul without worry of being labeled or feeling like we have to keep it all together. Allow for passion, without being called crazy. Allow us to fully realize and express ourselves without fear. These are the kind of women we aim to be, – the kind that see all women as sisters. The women who do life together, who become family, who love each other unconditionally, who share stories over coffee and laughs over wine. Women who can be apart and come back together and pick up where they left off, as if no time had separated them.

Want to spend a magical week with like minded women and feel the magic?

Join our Health & Wellness retreat, where women come together to heal, live and laugh in a supportive and nurturing space. There’s only positivity allowed on these retreats!!! There is a beautiful connection we all share together, inspiring each other and sharing our light, love and joy with each other.

Please come share your light and love with us!!!

Stay tuned next week for my go to delicious salad full of vitamins, nutrients, protein and bursting with flavour!!! Weekly inspirations of inspiration and motivation coming your way, with delicious food and staying healthy!!!

Click HERE for details on the 10th LAT Health & Wellness Retreat

Sharon DelbridgeSharon Delbridege is a Zumba, Yoga, Spinning, Barre Instructor & Health and Fitness activist. She inspires people to live a healthy and happy lifestyle. Sharon is living the dream - 6 months of winter in Puerto Vallarta and 6 months of spring and summer in Winnipeg. For more information please contact Sharon at sharon@shaw.ca. Instagram: @freshsoulfitness